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PRP Dermal Fillers

75 minutes ∙  Starting at $1,500

PRP filler provides immediate volume harnessing the patient’s own DNA. The treatment is performed in office with a small blood sample taken from the patient. It is  safe, effective, versatile, non-allergenic procedure, and offers virtually no downtime or side effects. Popular areas to volumize include face (cheeks, tear trough, marionette lines, lips, chin and jawline. 

Full face PRP rejuvenation is $2,700 for nonmembers, and $2,400 for members. Full face PRP will yield the equivalent of 12 syringes of filler. Or get 6 syringes of PRP filler for $1,700 nonmember price, $1,500 member pricing. 

PRP Filler


Platelet-rich-plasma, PRP, is a natural treatment derived from your blood. Plasma is the liquid component of the blood that allows your cells to flow through the blood vessels and is rich in proteins and growth factors. Studies show that the increased concentration of growth factors in platelet-rich plasma may stimulate the body's own properties to induce healing and tissue regeneration. 



Blood is drawn and spun in our Cellenis centrifuge. We are able to heat and cool the platelets to create a gelatinous filler. PRP filler can be used within 4 hours of processing.  It is a completely autologous material with minimal to no risk of product of allergic reaction.


PRP filleris made from the patient's own blood to support skin revitalization in the dermal architecture and enhance the youthful appearance of the skin. It provides immediate volume and helps support dermal health over time by releasing proteins and growth factors.

PRP filler is minimally invasive and provides immediate results. PRP can be utilized as soon as it is prepared. Most practitioners recommend a minimum of 2 treatments, 8-12 weeks apart with repeat sessions every 9-12 months.

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