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VI Chemical Peels

30 minutes and up ∙ Starting at $350

VI Peel treatments designed to lift pigment, remove sun damage, alleviate acne and scarring, and fight fine lines and wrinkles. All our painless medium-depth VI Peels are safe for all skin types and tones with results in as little as 7 days!


One of our most popular treatments, this medium-depth powerhouse peel works to suppress melanogenesis—the production of melanin—at the source while promoting rapid cell turnover for more even and bright skin tone. Resurfacing action reveals brighter, renewed skin for results in 7 days.

VI Peel Results


61/63 treated subjects

were satisfied with their treatment results


61/63 treated subjects

would do the treatment again


60/63 treated subjects

would recommend the products to a friend

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